Why You Should Pay With Cash – Graeme Holm’s Advice

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Finances are difficult to get in control, especially when debt is involved. The United States is in roughly $21 trillion’s worth of debt; other countries owe hundreds of billions, if not trillions; businesses all over the world are in tons of debt – if corporations and governments can manage gross amounts of debt and still do well, why can’t consumers?


The answer isn’t important; life isn’t fair. One effective means of dealing with consumer debt is to never agree to debt in the first place. If you’re already in debt, simply stop taking out more debt. Consumers with zero debt under their figurative belts of responsibility should make certain not to get themselves deep into credit card bills, overdrawn checking accounts, financed goods, car notes, and every other type of debt planet Earth has to offer.


Just pay cash


Infinity Group Australia is a financial services firm headquartered in Bella Vista, New South Wales, with extension offices in Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Cronulla. It was founded in part by Graeme Holm just under five years ago; Holm is responsible for pushing the idea of simply paying for everything in cash onto the company, its many clients, and throughout the World Wide Web via its website and active blog.


Here’s why Graeme Holm believes paying in nothing but cash is so important


All too often, checks, cards, money orders, and other means of paying for goods and services are littered with fees and fines. In some cases, consumers can’t even use these forms of payment without checking out a shopping cart worth a minimum value set by store owners. Paying with cash skips the fees and the hassles.


Spending cash instead of plastic makes you value purchases more – it’s a psychological thing. Further, paying for things in cash mean you’ll never pay interest on anything ever again.


Who is Graeme Holm?


Graeme Holm has spent roughly two decades’ time in financial services. To start his career in the industry, he served one of Australia’s “Major 4” financial institutions. Here, he picked up countless ideologies that he, his co-workers, and clients use every single day.


Mr. Holm used to play semi-pro association football in Australia and even represented his home country’s national team as a teenager. His drive for success comes directly from the competitive drive he developed playing soccer. Learn more: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Infinity-Group/reviews