The Unrolled Success of Jojo Hedaya

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Jojo Hedaya has come a long way, from the kid in a Jewish high school to become the founder and CEO of Unroll.ME. He developed the software in partnership with his friend Josh Rosenwald. The software they created made it easier to organize their mails or keep their inboxes efficient. After high school, Jojo Hedaya decided to pursue his tertiary education in Israel. There he met Josh who happened to be quite similar in nature to him. They both grew up in New York and had the same birth day. It was in Israel they planned, developed and executed the software. Along the line, Jojo Hedaya decided to follow his start up instead of obtaining a degree. He had the skills to make in the industry. Till this day, he doesn’t regret a thing, instead he has grown into a fine CEO responsible for the welfare of a thriving company.

When the software launched, it was greeted with praise and publicized all over. Magazines and platforms like Lifehaker and The New Web were involved in the initial stage. In the first month, they gathered over a thousand sign ups and Unroll.Me hasn’t stopped growing since then. The software works by distributing specific files to named folders called “rollups”. The folder allow users screen content-specific mails like subscription or newsletters. The user then gets the chance to unsubscribe from anything strange. The platform had competition in the earlier stage, but they failed because of a bad user interface and since then Unroll.Me has been on top of the mail organizing business.

Jojo is a success story that entrepreneurs everywhere could learn from. Part of what carries him on is his lack of fear, he could have chosen the mundane life of a normal degree holder. Instead he took the risk of dropping out of university and taking on a highly competitive sector. Along with that was his ability to simplify the job and get it done. He was as efficient as possible and that has helped him on his path to success.