The Tenacious Heather Perry

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Heather Parry is the living embodiment of energy, drive, and creativity. After hopping from MTV to Happy Madison she wasted no time in starting a project as president of Production for film and television at Live Nation.

Heather Parry 

Perry has a get it done attitude when it comes to her work. It doesn’t matter what day it is she never passes up an opportunity to get involved. On her birthday a mere mention of a documentary about Eagles of Death Metal returning after a terrorist attack at one of their concerts. Perry shows little fear in her work by working different angles of a story.

Heather Perry’s work ethic comes into play with her work in “A Star is Born”. She knew she wanted to work with Bradley Cooper so being a natural go getter she phones his agent. She sells herself and gets involved by putting in the work to show why Live Nation would benefit “A Star is Born”. Being a music related film Perry used her connections to heavily promote this film to the proper audience. Live Nation owning more than 100 music festivals is able to show trailers in between performers and track what the fans like and use that to better identify who to advertise to. To make this film a hit she did her homework and put thought into every aspect.

Heather has the drive and tenacity of a hungry wolf. She loves both film and music, through her work is able to marry the two and produce amazing work that people really gravitate to. However she does not just focus on one particular topic or type of work which she will continuously evolve to better her work to come.