Steve Lesnard’s Key To Successful Digital Marketing

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Digital and social platforms have revolutionized how people market new products. While these platforms have a number of benefits, they can at times be counterproductive if they are not applied properly. Successful brands are focused on the best interests of consumers. Successful marketing of products involves highlighting the kind of value that the product will add to the consumer’s lives. Here are 2 main principles you can use to market your product:

Make it Both Simple and Memorable

According to Walt Disney, the key to success in marketing your product is to get your story line right. The ideal product introduction should highlight consumer benefits and focus on what is new and what makes your product better. According to Steve Lesnard simplifying your product introduction forces your team to deal with the most relevant and innovative features to communicate. In some cases, you should pick a lane and use it to the end.

A good example is iPod’s campaign dubbed, “10K songs in your pocket.” This is a typical example that shows how Apple used a simple benefit to introduce a new solution to its consumers who were interested in music on the move.

The other example of a simple campaign is the manner in which Peleton revolutionized the fitness industry through their home-based private indoor cycling studio. Peleton’s pledge was to introduce a fitness class in your living room. Peleton did not focus on marketing their spinning bike; instead, they were focused on their unique experience.Steve Lesnard believes that this concept has enabled them expand across numerous sports and platforms.

Make It Real By Bringing It to Life

Steve Lesnard affirms that after dealing with the product introduction, the next step is bringing to life a consumer experience. You need to focus on questions such as: How it looks on the consumer’s body? What it does? How you would apply it? And other related queries that consumers are likely to raise.

You need to place videos in the products appropriately. You also need to incorporate the consumer’s testimony in your story line. Additionally, you should bring out the striking features you want your product to be remembered for. For example, Yeti positioned their products by focusing on the outdoor activities of their marketers. They brought to life how their products helped keep drinks warm or cold for a long period when they were in the wild.