Seven Figure Decisions: Nick Vertucci

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Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of Real Estate Academy. He is a deeply experienced figure in the field of real estate. Apart from being a renowned entrepreneur, he also aspires to motivate young people with entrepreneurial dreams using his experiences in the past and how they can employ the blueprint from them to gain financial stability.

Nick Vertucci succeeded by always taking bold calculated risks to reform himself after he lost everything. He recently released a new book: Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. In this book, Nick highlights the challenges that he went through and explains the directions and principles that he has employed in real estate. He also gives the guidelines on how he used the principles to achieve success in his entrepreneurial ventures and financial freedom. In an outlook such as the one he presents in this book, there are some important decisions that an individual can make to improve their social status from middle level to being a millionaire.

Nick Vertucci in the book gives a list of points and aspects of challenges that have helped him to correct the mistakes he might have made in the past. The key points include; How to overcome investment fears, how to expand one’s insights and how they can change their professional outcomes instantly, and why it’s important to come from serving clients other than self-service and how an individual can earn seven figures.

Nick Vertucci starts by narrating how he lost everything when he highlights the core building blocks that together transformed his life. He first discusses integrity where says that he built two important friendships; one with his business partner and wife, and the other with the owner of his training company. Although he had struggled a lot to keep the relationship with his business partner and the owner well, Nick describes how he was “brutally extracted” from his partnership in the business. This event weighed him down and in the next section; he talks about how he internalized the idea of viewing all these shortcomings as some sort of a plan. He finally took it positively and it is where his journey of success picked up.

Nick describes how he told his clients what had befallen him. He then became depressed, rejected and hopeless. He could not be paid by his now former partner unless he could sign some favors for him and because he had lost the zeal in him he did what he was asked. Although it took him time to come in terms with his loss, he later started rebuilding. Nick describes how he came to work with Scott his friend and who later gave him the idea to start his own real estate training company. It is from this juncture that he started to describe the principles of entrepreneurship and how he used them to ensure that his venture worked out for the best. Nick Vertucci is an excellent advisor in real estate who was even endorsed by the business bigwig and American entrepreneur Kevin Harrington. He is an expert and gives the best insights into success.