Robert Deignan, Entrepreneur of ATS Digital Services on the Importance of Customer Service

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Robert Deignan is the CEO of ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Services is a digital company that assists customers with tech concerns and issues. Problems they assist range from connection issues to general concerns and questions. Deignan attended Purdue University and graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership. Deignan co-founded Fanlink. This was the first company he co-founded following his college education.

Deignan saif the idea for ATS Digital Services was initiated from previous business that he was involved in. Along with his business partners, Deignan worked for an Anti-Malware Software Company. At the time, Deignan and his partners were having trouble installing proper anti-malware software on their customer’s computers. As a result of this dilemma, they had an in-house tech support agent connect their customer’s computer to the server and remove the Malware. After performing this service for another company and gaining success from it, they came to a revelation. Deignan and his partners realized they could charge a fee for this proprietary service. This service was able keep client’s computers running efficiently. They began their own company and have generated success as a result of their customer’s satisfaction.

During a recent article with a tech media outlet, Deignan spoke about the importance of trusted customer service for the survival and success of all companies. He believes a brand will be represented by their ability to provide correct customer support services. This is particularly important for SaaS businesses. SaaS businesses and products operate on a subscription basis, therefore the need for good customer service is even greater.

Robert Deignan has stated he spends the initial part of his business day analyzing numbers and reviewing assessments on the previous day. He also checks his emails during this time and catches up tasks that may have been missed. Deignan will brainstorm and implement new strategies with his partners during this time also. Often times he may need to negotiate with accountants and lawyers in order to complete a business transaction successfully. Deignan has said his greatest ideas are sparked from the time he spends outdoors, away from his phone and computer.