Robert Deignan and His Authoritative Advice on Achieving Entrepreneurship

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Having grown up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a child–a city famous for its beautiful beaches and events–Robert Deignan had a chance to personally witness and experience the city’s rich value in culture and it inevitably influenced him to take a liking to the outside environment. Throughout the days of his youth, Deignan highly favored playing the sport of football so much that it developed into a deep passion he became skilled in. His senior year of high school, he received a full football scholarship to college and this prompted him to continue to work hard for the things he wanted. After graduating from Purdue University with a Business Management degree in 1995, Robert Deignan became a team member in the NFL and played for two teams—the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets from 1997-1998.

Subsequent to his achievement of a very successful career in football, Robert Deignan then sought to switch his pursuit of interest to that of business. He became involved within a few projects (Fanlink, Inc. and iS3 as the Executive Vice President for nine years), but they were just viewed as being stepping stones to get to the point where he is today. In August 2011, Deignan became both founder and CEO of his own business when he established ATS Digital Services—a tech repair company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida that specializes in the application of screen-sharing technology. Due to the company’s extreme convenience of services and experience in security software, the company received the honor of being the first call center to ever become app certified.

Now with his business successfully set into place, Deignan has had the time to reflect back on his accomplishments to notate the factors that helped him tremendously along the way. As found by Robert Deignan, there are several key pieces of advice that are most critical in the pursuit of entrepreneurship that anyone can use and apply within their own personal journey. According to Deignan, one must first practice being instinctual when making business decisions because our instincts—more often than not—let us know when we are doing the right then. Furthermore, one must also find the time to analyze business data to determine what is worth the investment risk and what isn’t. Next, remember to hire people who are most functional to the mission of the company, but exclude family members and relatives because these close relationships within the workplace have often proved to be a hindrance in the productivity of business. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, desiring entrepreneurs must always make it a priority to take personal time for themselves throughout the day when handling business to avoid burnout and the formation of a mental block that stifles creativity.