Remarkable work of Dick DeVos as a Philanthropist

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Most of the influential people in the world give people hope to live better lives through their noble deeds and these prominent people ate acknowledged and respected. Dick DeVos is a renowned powerful philanthropist. His wife is also part of the philanthropist worked and she is a named Besty DeVos. Firstly what makes them be unique is the share mutual sense in matters that deal with the reform in the education segment. One of the institutions which they have done brilliant work in Michigan in the United States in the education sector. Moreover because of Betsy DeVos getting the chance of working in the United States management as the cabinet secretary, most of the individuals in the society are convinced that she will be able to bring change in the American education system and also ensure that the plans are developed and completed.


Another triumph that they were able to attain is the starting of Dick and DeVos Foundation whereby Dick DeVos with his wife was able to begin and the focal objective of the organization was to bring transformation in the United States so that student can attain a better education. Deprived students are able to have the opportunity to get funds from the organization so they can get an education. Also, the Dick and Besty DeVos Foundation has also had overwhelming projects such as assisting over 4,000 students to obtain scholarship and freedom to select the necessity of the education and it is named Education Freedom Fund. Some of the top institutions that have been able to get support from the education Freedom Fund is Northwood University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


West Michigan Aviation Academy is also one of the institutions that they helped hence they developed in giving better education to students. Through creating concepts of providing opportunities to students who want to venture into aviation segment Dick DeVos has been able to use his aviation enthusiast to help those students to attain their goals. His devotion to bringing change to American School enabled him to be recognized and given the top position to hold as part of the management board in a different organization.


Furthermore, Great Lakes Education Project whereby it is driving the major concerns of charter schools in Michigan is also one of the thriving projects that he ensured it became a success. In addition, he was able to start DeVos Institute of Arts Management whereby it enables individuals who have talents in various fields to showcase them and also nurturing them.


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