New, Fresh Novels: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

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Sean Penn, the fifty-seven year old newly recognized author, released a novel by the name of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff in late March. The novel, which is available in hardback, describes the life of main character Bob Honey and his life as a political activist. Instead of the political activist route of writing letters expressing concerns and passions for government, Bob Honey’s ambitions drive him to commit acts of violence. Sean Penn describes the protagonist’s actions as being fueled by his own motivations, as well as hinting at current events tied to the Trump administration in the form of national government. Penn takes his own passions for political activism into his first novel, as he has expressed his own views of world peace and international democracy in foreign countries over the past several years.


Sean Penn’s satire is also evident through the course of the novel. In his own experiences with expressing opinions about the “#metoo” movement, as well as the Trump administration in general, Penn brings the same sense of satire to the protagonist. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff references the president as “Mr. Landlord,” which can be seen as a reference to the similarities of the previous business tycoon adventures of Donald Trump. The “#metoo” movement is also discussed in the novel, which has sparked criticism among different communities. Many thought that Penn, previously known for just acting and directing, would comment on such sensitive topics throughout the novel. In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, it is evident that these movements are meant to create an important conversation within the Hollywood community, but lack the initial spark to do so.


The novel focuses on a general collective outlook, opposed to the general individualistic culture of the United States. Penn supports this concept by stating that without achieving a collectivistic goal for the nation, there will be no real change in the world.