Louis R. Chenevert Biography

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Louis R. Chenevert is a renowned entrepreneur who has worked with high profile industries, and during he has portrayed leadership skills in every sector, he has headed. Currently, Chenevert is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, an American multinational conglomerate that carries out research, develops and manufactures products in different areas including in aircraft engines, fire and security, building systems and industrial products among many others. He joined United Technologies back in 2006 and served as the Board Director member of the company, and after three years of successful improvement in his sector, he was elected the president and Chief Operating Officer.

Prior to joining United Technologies Corporation, Chenevert held other prominent positions in other multinational companies. He once worked for Pratt & Whitney, serving the president role of the company since 1999 holding the role for seven years. He also spent 14 years at the General Motors, St Theresa operation and served as the Production General Manager. He attended the University of de Montreal, Ecole des hautes etudes commerciales (HEC), where he graduated with a commerce bachelor’s degree in production management.

Besides boardroom success, Louis R. Chenevert is also a motivational speaker who has talked and assisted many investors and aspiring businesspersons. On June last year, Chenevert published several healthy tips which he thinks are the best ways for bolstering your business. Some of the factors he published which every employer to consider for their business to prosper include;

  • Creating a suitable working environment for the workers. This can be achieved by creating several cubicles which can accommodate a specific number of workers. In this cubicles, apply a strategic way of distributing workers so that they can focus on their work and at the same time it will reduce the chances of negative nancy or Debbie downers poisoning your work environment.
  • Learn to appreciate hardworking and loyal workers. Recognizing employees makes them feel motivated to continue doing the best and also increases competition in the business.
  • Involve workers in teambuilding. This is more way of identifying and supporting some of the employees who may require help. Teambuilding may bring workers together strengthening the board of workers in the company.