Louis Chenevert Explains How to Improve Business Productivity

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If somebody needs to improve a business or company, many ideas of going about it keep coming. The thoughts of involving people to come in and help or employing modern technology are some of the most applied solutions. The worst thing is that the leaders or executives in a company or organization ignore the common answers to improve their companies or businesses. Louis Chenevert points out that the best way to grow your business is to involve the employees in everything. One of the reasons behind is because you already know them after working with them for a long time and you know their capabilities and weaknesses. Involving them in your business is essential because you might discover hidden talents in them that might benefit the business or company. Chenevert insists that this is impossible if you don’t engage them fully.

According to Louis Chenevert, a new person hired to fill an important position undergoes thorough training before catching up with the company or business, and therefore there is a need to promote the existing employees to save time in the training process. Additionally, the employees feel appreciated to see their colleagues promoted instead of hiring new senior staff. Louis Chenevert adds that many businesses or companies lose experience staff through resignations after discovering that they might never get promotions even after working hard. If there are hopes of promotion, the team work hard and hence maintain the company or business at peak. He adds that if a corporation or a company keeps minimal staff turnover, high profits stream in because it means the industry is doing well.

Louis Chenevert suggests that creating a conducive environment for the employees is one of the best ways to invest in them. He says that it’s important to make the employees enjoy spending time on the premises because it makes them productive. Another idea of investing in employees is through rewards. The rewards should be balanced to make sure everyone feels appreciated for example certificates, or day-offs might do the magic. Employee Scholar Program is another important step in investing in them. Sponsoring them for further training might boost their working morale and at the end of the day, the business benefits in a good way.