Kate Hudson and Fabletics are Taking the Internet Retail Business by Storm

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It’s hard to be an online clothing company. That’s because there are already several “big name” companies who have taken over the field. At this point, most people are set in their ways when it comes to a company that they favor. Most have chosen one where they like the products, think they’re affordable, and are confident that they’ll always get their delivery. Luckily, other companies are not backing down in an effort to take down the big named retailers. That’s because these new companies realize that they have something unique and in demand to offer. Companies like Fabletics are changing the game to get their products noticed.


Fabletics is an online company that specializes in athleisure-wear. Consumers can browse thousands of styles and patterns, a variety of sizes and items, and much more online. They can choose to purchase items individually as they see fit or they can sign up for a subscription-based model where they get the latest styles and deals. According to Forbes, this strategy of being a fashion membership is paying off. First off, it’s different from other athleisure-wear companies and in this case, different is better. Consumers can take a Lifestyle Quiz which makes it easier for Fabletics to pair them with styles that fit their personality and their needs.


Fabletics has been utilizing a technique called “reverse showrooming.” This is possible for them because they started off entirely online. They made it so that people couldn’t browse their styles online and find cheaper elsewhere. By starting out this way, Fabletics was eventually able to open up physical locations. It’s great to have a combination of both because now consumers can try on the clothing and see what style and fit they need.


The success of Fabletics is also attributed to Kate Hudson who has done everything she can to grow Fabletics into a $250 million company despite having no business background. Hudson, a famous actress, has been known for her movies such as Almost Famous. She’s gained quite the following because she’s upbeat, cute, and stylish. These were perfect qualities that Fabletics wanted. She was able to promote their clothes and connect with women all over the globe because she’s just that likable. Hudson can be seen all over social media sporting the popular brand. She makes the clothes look good which in turn makes others want to buy them. Hudson only does what feels right to hear and therefore you know her love of the clothes is real.