Kamil Idris: The Role of Intellectual Property in Our Future

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Prof. Kamil Idris is that much of his career advocating for change and understanding. After receiving his law degree, he went on to function as a statesman, professor, and civil servant on an international scale. Originally from Sudan, Prof. Kamil Idris has an extensive resume that includes acting as the Director General for WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the current President of the World Association for Sustainable Development, WASD. While both of these organizations seem to lead very different lives, their goals are more in line than they first appear. Prof. Kamil Idris has put a lot of time and effort into pushing forward through these issues to create a clearer understanding of the problems facing them.

Anyone wanting to understand how passionate Prof. Kamil Idris is about the subject of intellectual property should look at a message he issued to the public on Ie-Forum.nl. This message discusses some of the most important aspects of intellectual property. Even though it was initially posted in 2008, it is still a very relevant piece and the interest in World Intellectual Property Day has continued to peak in recent years. According to Prof. Kamil Idris, World International Property Day is on April 26th. On this day people should take the time to reflect on some of the most innovative parts of society and how they make the world a better place.

Prof. Kamil Idris expresses a hope throughout the document that people will become more respectful of the amount of work it takes to create these intellectual properties. In his current assignment, intellectual property is still a very important aspect of his day-to-day work. Thus, protection of such information is still vital to him. Now that he is working on the sustainable development he is looking for people who have the answers to environmental disasters and building problems. He is wanting to create a sense of equality when it comes to sustainability in the international community. One of the ways that this can be done is by first recognizing the importance of intellectual property and how it can apply to things that can play a major role in our future.