Greg Aziz: The Business Minded CEO To National Steel Car

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The field of engineer might be one of the most profitable, but it can also be one of the most demanding. With the updates to the kind of technology that companies use, and with the innovations to the industry that it experiences, the companies that are working in this need to have the ability to adapt and grow with the market, lest they get left behind. One such company that has managed to stand out in this field, and move along with the times is National Steel Car.

National Steel Car is a company that was first founded in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car in Canada. The company initially only produced rolling stock and aimed at becoming one of the most prominent names in the sector. However, there were a number of unforeseen circumstances that would force the company to have to adapt and take up new measures to be able to retain their positions in the industry. The great depression of 1920 was one such instance where the company had to alter the way that it worked to be able to continue their operations during this tough time.


The company has, time and again credited its major success to the leaders who have helped it grow and expand. Right from the time the company was first formed, to now, National Steel Car has had a number of award-winning leaders that have taken the company to new heights and helped it reach the goals that they had set in place.Currently, the person heading the company and leading it to new endeavors in Gregory Aziz, who has been working with the company since the early months of 1994. Click Here for more information.


When Gregory J Aziz, as he is more commonly referred to as, took over the company’s primary focus was on improving the services that the company offered, and embarking on a mission of international expansion. He wanted the company to expand its reach beyond just Canada since there was a lot of scope for development of the company in the American markets. Having worked in America before he started working for National Steel Car, Aziz had a fair idea of what the company would be up against, and what steps they would need to take to establish themselves in this new territory.


Under Gregory J Aziz guidance, National Steel Car is also operational in the United States and has a whole new list of clients that it offers its services and expertise to.