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Patience, concern, helpfulness. A pint of the traits needed when working in an emergency room. It can be taxing a lot or most of the times with constant pressure to share your focus and knowledge to patients.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel falls in this pool of doctors. An emergency room doctor. These kinds of doctors have trained to make decisions that are urgent and life-saving to treat patients for instance in case of a medical crisis.

They are also taught to stabilize patients before referring them to appropriate departments fur further and adequate treatment. He is located in Tallahassee, Florida and works in Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

With the constant press to share your attention to save lives and ease the pain of others, and yet maintain consistency of continuous care is an awe-inspiring and trust building component in this field.

Dr. Eric is an alumnus of University of Louisville School of Medicine where he got his Medical degree. To polish and open his bag of experience, he did his residency in Emergency Medicine at the Louisiana State University program.

Dr. Eric is now clocking almost a decade in knowledge in the field. This experience has given him competence, reliability and made him reputable, characteristics that positively credit a person in this field of expertise.

Moreover, his experience has made him well versed in the services and has attributed to his ranking among other doctors at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. He is ranked among the best.

Over the years he has taken care of a vast pool of patients ranging from children to adults and the elderly. All these have a good comment at hand for the doctor. These are from the professionalism and qualifications he displays when handling his patients.

He is very well on the path to his goal of delivering reliable and satisfactory medical services. Necessary for every doctor is his certification and license, which not only builds and gives him trust among his employers but also, more importantly, his patients.

Moreover, he has board certification to practice. This certification not only confirms but also confirms that a particular doctor meets the criteria which are nationally recognized. These include Education, Knowledge, and experience.