Doe Deere: Pursuing New Passions

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The cosmetics world has never been the same since Lime Crime, a popular makeup company, made its debut over 10 years ago. Doe Deere, a popular fashion designer, sparked new growth and new interest with her vividly bright products. Fast-forward to 2019, and this magnificent woman is enjoying the perks of her new company. This new company is known as Poppy Angeloff, and it’s inspired by vintage jewelry. This Russian-native accidentally stumbled upon this journey in sense. The reason being for the existence of Poppy Angeloff is that she re-discovered some of her family’s heirlooms. Thanks to already possessing a creative mind, Deere decided to orchestrate her next business venture.

“My sister told me that this jewelry could be more than an idea,” said Deere. Doe Deere’s sister just so happen to make her realize that this jewelry could become her next company. Poppy Angeloff is truly based on classical jewelry. Deere has surely done her research on the topic at hand because she has always had an interest in this subject. She has truly dedicated copious amounts of time in turning this brand into a success because the products are so high in quality. The inspiration of this story comes from the use of vivid colors, which has carried over from her past makeup brand. Yes, Doe Deere is the original creator of Lime Crime. Lime Crime was a cult-favorite among millions of people worldwide. This unapologetic brand of makeup products has introduced some of the boldest of colors in the beauty industry. “I started this particular company back in 2008,” said Deere.

Transitioning from company to company is the next step. Poppy Angeloff has her full-attention as of now, and Doe Deere is looking to expand this brand much further in the 21st century.