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Doe Deere, CEO of the vegan makeup line Lime Crime, sat down to talk about her business. In the interview, she covered everything – from how her company got its name to one of the best purchases she ever made for her business. If you are a makeup lover and appreciate products that are cruelty-free, sit back, relax, and read what Doe has opened up and shared.


Doe Deere was born in Russia. However, although Russia was the beginning of this beauty mogul’s life, it certainly was not the end of it. She left Russia just before coming of age to pursue a fashion degree in America.


Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her plans at the time were to get a degree to help her build her fashion business. Deere left school before finishing her degree to go ahead and pursue her clothing company, which she named Lime Crime.


How did Deere come up with the name, Lime Crime, however? By being a fan of fairy tales. Deere has always loved fairy tales, and when it became time to decide on a name for her clothing company, she wanted the name to reflect her love for all things magic.


She knew that names and titles in the fairy tale world often rhymed, so she played around with a few words until she found something that fit. Doe loved the way the words “lime” and “crime” fit together and rolled off of her tongue, so she decided to go with those two.


Thus, Lime Crime became the name of her clothing line. Later, it would also become the name of her makeup line.


Deere was going full force with her online clothing store and had begun to make steady sales. However, like the skilled entrepreneur that she is, she decided that she needed to do a little more to better promote her business. The thing to do, she decided, was to wear makeup that would complement the clothes and help them to appear more attractive.


The makeup that she needed had to be bright colors. This makeup was extremely hard to find, so Deere made it herself. Because her makeup looked so good, she began posting tutorials online of how to get the same looks that she was wearing.


From there, Lime Crime became a line for beauty products.


Deere says that her makeup garnered much more enthusiasm from others than her clothing line did, and people were happy to purchase from her. After about a year in business, Lime Crime was doing well and hasn’t slowed down since.


When Deere was asked what has helped her business to be so successful, she mentioned that paying attention to your customers and listening to them will take you far. She also believes that people shouldn’t be afraid to invest in themselves and in their businesses.


How does Deere invest in herself and in Lime Crime? By reading books by entrepreneurs who have found success in her very field and sometimes by even spending a bit of money.


Deere says that Facetune has been the secret to her amazing Instagram photos and one of the best purchases she’s ever made. Learn more: