Doe Deere: A Story of Perseverance

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In a recent article found from Entrepreneur, Doe Deere took the readers through a biographical journey on how she became the successful fashion icon she is today. She begins by explaining her roots in Russia. Growing up as a young, Jewish girl (named Xenia Vorotova at the time) living in the country, she dreamt often of finding a life for herself in America. Through forms of media such as movies and magazines, she became obsessed with the foreign country. By 17 years old, she and her sister and mother departed Russia to find a new life in the United States. The three would find themselves in New York as they arrived in the country.

Struggles were met immediately. Doe’s mother could not find work due to the fact that her education records took longer to transfer than expected. Because of this, employers would often turn her away. The family would end up checking into a homeless shelter. Help would soon find its way. A social worker would introduce them to the legal non-profit organization known as Sanctuary for Families. This organization was dedicated to assisting women immigrants in unfortunate situations. Because of this organization, Doe’s mother would find a job as an accountant and she would enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology. She and her family would move to Harlem, where they would live in a project. While the situation was not ideal, Doe found aspects of living there almost luxurious, such as having her own room.

By the 2000’s, the young girl known as Xenia Vorotova had officially changed her name to Doe Deere and founded her makeup company, Lime Crime. The company is based out of Los Angeles and employs 35 people. Doe continues to enjoy the success of both her company and her other entrepreneurial pursuits. She not only gives thanks to the country but the people she has met along the way that have given her an opportunity to grow and succeed.