Daniel Taub service to his country Israel in the United Kingdom

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Daniel Taub is a leading diplomat in Israel. He is one diplomat who has made big achievements for his country Israel. He has been an ambassador to the United Kingdom for a number of years. He was appointed in 2011 and left office in 2015. What makes his term inmteresti8ng is the achievements that he made. He managed to out any other diplomat before him. Daniel Taube was born in 1962 in the United Kingdom. He moved to Israel in 1989. He is an international lawyer who went to university college London, university college Oxford and the Harvard University.



Daniel Taub accomplishment in office is admirable. He worked so hard for his country that he left a great impact. He was loved by the Jewish community that lives in the United Kingdom. They say that his term was the best that they have ever seen. He addressed all issues of their welfare with dedication. His role as an ambassador is a role he carried out in the best way possible. Daniel Taub was committed to making sure that Israel and the United Kingdom developed diplomatic ties that were based on substance. He wanted to explore areas of common interest that the two countries had.



One area that he managed to explore completely is trade. He worked on improving trade between Israel and the United Kingdom until he succeeds. He left the United Kingdom when trade had doubled. Trade was at$7 billion as he left. This meant that there were more goods from Israel that were selling in the United Kingdom. This just goes to prove what man we are talking here. A man who had the devotion to serving his country in the best way he could. One of the secretaries of the United Kingdom government termed the improvements that had been made in the trade department as one that ushered in a new period of cooperation between the two countries. He referred to it as a ” golden era” of cooperation.



Daniel also made sure that there were benefits to other sectors such as education reforms and research as well as the cultural interactions between the two countries. Daniel Taub commitment to work was rated well and even at this time of departure, the Jewish community organized a farewell party for him.



Daniel Taub now works in a Jerusalem where he is the head of a charity foundation. His work is still remembered by the Jewish community in the United Kingdom who benefited a lot from his tenure.