Clayton Hutson: Willing Himself to the Top

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“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”- Vince Lombardi


These are very fitting words that encompass the true beauty and strength of willpower. It is unrivaled. It can elevate one to unimagined heights. It is no wonder that it is one of Clayton Hutson’s favorite quotes. This is a man who has demonstrated the pure power that is will and determination. Having worked for years in all sorts of capacities to finally become what he is today, he is a powerhouse of willing oneself to excellence.


The sound engineer starts his working day before 7 am in the morning. This is especially on concert days. He likes to arrive at the venues before everyone else. He will do a walk around taking stock of little things that could ruin the whole evening. One might argue that it is only one night, it should not matter too much. This would be offensive to Clayton. He seeks to deliver perfection every time by checking and double checking everything. His passion and commitment to his craft are evident by his effortless work ethic. He encourages the same amount of commitment from his clients.


Technology has the power to make or break an entity. For this reason, Clayton has embraced all relevant aspects of it. He endeavors to stay abreast of new technologies that he could incorporate into his productions and daily work errands. Characteristic of a man determined to use all resources to their full extent, Clayton draws out his ideas using CAD design. He then tweaks and improves them until they are just right to materialize. This quality renders his productions imaginative and delightfully beautiful.


In 1999, Clayton was a production manager at Getagrip Touring Inc. Before then he had graduated with a BFA in Theatre Design from Central Michigan University. He never once let up with claims of having achieved stardom. He strives every day. He keeps to the grind. He finds new ways to provide budget adhering turnkey solutions for his clients. Thus, every day he rises even further. Learn more: