Bob Reina making it big with Talk Fusion

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Bob Reina is the brain behind Talk Fusion, a world-leader company in video marketing. Bob developed the company in the year 2007 and launched their first product in the market, Video Email, which was fully embraced by their clients. Through his leadership that is coupled up with more than 20 years of experience in the market, Bob Reina has been able to lead the company, Talk Fusion, to greater heights of success. Bob is a hard working individual who has a soft spot for lensing a helping hand to other people. He has a great vision for the company and believes in embracing philanthropy deeds. During an interview with Inspirery, Bob Reina reveals that Talk Fusion was borne out of his zeal to do more with his life. He reveals that he previously served as a policeman where he felt squeezed to a corner as a result of time limitation and paycheck that came with the job. His then circumstance pushed him to find a solution. He says that his life changed one day when he was conducting his daily business, as usual, directing and managing traffic, when a man introduced him to the network marketing industry. He understood that he could create his own company and have a team to direct towards the achievement of success. However, the journey was coupled with challenges which they overcame with time and much dedication.


Bob Reina continues to say that at some point when he was making his way through North Carolina, he tried to send a video clip to his family, but it was not successful. At that moment, he thought of developing a video platform that would make his wish and that of so many other people come true. He reached out to his great IT friend who came in quite handy and together they developed Talk Fusion. When asked how he makes his money, Bob Reina reveals that creating the right product at the right time is what works for them. He continues to reveal that once he identifies a need for a product or service in the market, he works towards fulfilling the need which is a unique way for his bringing of ideas into life. Learn more: