Betsy DeVos: Building a Foundation for Americans

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School choice is a polarizing issue in the media, there are so many people that feel strongly about it on either side of the field. Detractors of the school choice movement believe that it will signal the death of the public-school system, but if done properly it could help save it from the downhill spiral that is its current trajectory. A system that is in as much danger as the American public-school system is needs and outspoken advocate that is willing to push against the status quo. In current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, there is a failure that is willing to change things even if it seems unpopular. While people tend to shy away from any types of major changes, a change of this magnitude will signal a better future for the United States.


One of the biggest things that DeVos believes is important is the concept of school choice. She explains to Philanthropy Roundtable in a recent interview that school choice is a parent’s right to choose what type of education their children will be receiving instead of relying on arbitrary lines that have been divvied up by a County. This means that they will no longer be forced to suffer through the substandard education process that is virulent in the current school system and instead opt for a more enlightened approach to this vital process. There is a bright world available with many new leaders in the education industry pushing for better options. Teachers are looking at different avenues to provide their services and online education is growing in popularity. This process, once only popular among those attending colleges has now become a necessity for many students who live in districts with failing public school systems.


DeVos believes that one of the biggest innovations in the education industry will come from the integration of technological programming. In public school systems children are discouraged from using their handheld devices and other technologies, but in a virtual environment, they are taught how to navigate these devices in order to obtain information that will help them. We live in a world where information is readily available and instead of being steered away from it, children should be taught how to utilize it. Even in the private school and charter school systems children are encouraged to use technology, this is part of the reason why they have such a competitive edge over their peers.


While these advances are monumental, DeVos understands that there is going to be a long road ahead. Even in the private sector, the United States is behind other developed countries when it comes to their education. Students simply are not receiving the standard of education necessary for advancement. This can lead to a future where American leaders are educationally behind those that they are expected to form alliances with. DeVos wants to prevent a future where American children are looked down on because of their education, something that their parents should be able to control. It is her hope that she is building a foundation that future leaders will build on.


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