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Steve Lesnard’s Key To Successful Digital Marketing

Digital and social platforms have revolutionized how people market new products. While these platforms have a number of benefits, they can at times be counterproductive if they are not applied properly. Successful brands are focused on the best interests of consumers. Successful marketing of products involves highlighting the kind of value that the product will […]


Boraie Development is changing the game with The Aspire and partnership with O; Neal

Around seven years ago, former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal began a partnership with New Jersey’s top development company Boraie Development. The first project that was undertaken under this partnership was the restoration of the theater that is now known as the CityPlex12Newark. Shaquille invested close to seven million dollars in the restoration of this theater […]


The Hornet’s Nest of Watford FC

As one of the standout clubs of the 2018-19 Premier League season, Watford FC have propelled themselves to 12 victories as of this writing, including their first four fixtures to begin their campaign. That success has also translated to the FA Cup, where Watford have earned a place in the quarterfinals. The club has enjoyed […]