Igor Cornelsen And Progressive Investment Banking

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Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investment banker and entrepreneur. He is from Brazil and was born in the 1940s. After attaining his education from the Federal University, Igor embarked on the world of investment banking in 1970. When he first started out, technology was not abundant in Brazil. This allowed Igor to make a name for himself within the banking industry.

By age 27, Igor Cornelsen was on the Board of Directors for Multibanco and would later become Chief Executive Officer for the company. After the Multibanco bank was acquired during 1978, Igor would start acting on other opportunities, such as Unibanco. At the time of Igor joining, Unibanco was one of the biggest investment banks in Brazil. He would remain with the company for seven years before going to Libra Bank PLC. This merchant bank was a London affiliation and marked a turning point in his career. For the first time, he was paid in US dollars and this came while the country was dealing with the effects of inflation. The entrepreneur has been a manager of funds since 1971, and starting his own practice was a natural progression. Igor begins his day by scanning the international news headlines. He states that by staying up to speed with current trends and occurrences allows him to stay ahead of the curve. Throughout his career, he has been a mentor and advisor for younger generations of investment bankers. The resume of Igor Cornelsen illustrates his innovation and his companies continue to push the banking industry envelope.

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