Alex Pall’s Steps to the Top in the Music Industry

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Alex Pall is a member of the Chainsmokers which is an American music group that has released various hits that have topped the charts for a long time. Alex was born in New York a place known as Westchester and was brought up Bedford. Alex Pall’s father was a dealer of art and his mother was just a housewife. He has a bachelor’s degree in art history and business he attained from the New York University after attending Masters School.

Alex’s Steps into the Music Industry

Although Alex Pall is currently among the best American musicians who have fans in the United States and other parts of the world, music was never his passion while he was growing up. Instead, he had a lot of passion for DJing and he had a chance of DJing in various nightclubs in New York City. He had also worked in some art gallery known as Metro Pictures. However, his thirsty to do music was really taking over and that is when he decided to give it a try.

After joining the music industry, Alex Pall started the Chainsmokers with a friend who also had a lot of passion for music. Nevertheless, they faced some challenges in the year 2012 that made his friend quit since he had a feeling that music was not his call. Left alone, Alex Pall approached his manager, Adam Alpert, and requested him to assist in finding a new partner. That is when Alex met with Taggart through his manager and for some time they produced electro-pop remixes before they produced their first original music. The Chainsmokers had its breakthrough in the year 2014 when they released their first single song known as “Selfie”. They released the song as a joke through social media and within a few days, the song was already trending numerous American stations.

After releasing their breakthrough song, the Chainsmokers also released other singles that topped the charts in America and the entire world. The American music group released its album last year on April was known as Memories…Do Not Open which managed to be at the Billboard 200 chart.