Alex Pall Opened Up In A Recent Interview

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Most of the time people think of all artists or musicians out there of singing their own music that they have created, though this is not always the case. The Chainsmokers, one of the most popular music production duos in the country, typically have other artists featured the vocals in their songs. While it is not the initial intent of Alex and Andrew to not sing in their own songs, they’ve just never focused on the part. As of late, they have begun picking up the microphone to working on their vocals more and more. According to Alex and Andrew, they want to bring themselves closer to audiences than they have ever been, and joining in on the vocals will help in the department.

Alex and Andrew of the Chainsmokers work so well together and create such good music that they are often asked how long they have been working together. Most are surprised to find out that it wasn’t long before they became famous. After a short introduction, the two went to see if they could make music together and it was a success right away. Working day in and day out, the two were inseparable and the rest is history. Nowadays, the duo is always at work together creating new sounds for their fans around the world.

While both Andrew and Alex were into music before they created the band, they were not anywhere near the path they are on today. They could have never expected to gain all this fame and success so quickly as they did. They enjoy it like most would expect, but there are a lot of downsides to being in the spotlight as well. As people saw last year, Alex and Andrew stepped back a little bit and even came back with some new sounds. This is because they were feeling limited by all the pressure and demands for certain music and deadlines. Instead of focusing on meeting the standards of the industry, Alex and Andrew are going to start experimenting with their own music and growing as artists to give their fans a new experience in the future with their music.

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